Who can enter the waitlist?

Currently only US residents with active health records at a US health institution may enter the waitlist. If you are not a US resident or do not have health records associated with your information, we will remove you from the waitlist. Entering the waitlist reserves your spot, but you will only have rights to your token if we can pull your US health records. Ineligible users may still participate through purchase of the token on crypto markets, but will not be able to earn any through the data staking mechanism. 

What will you do with my health data?

Currently we are trying to gauge interest in our project and outside of asking for your permission to extract health data, and are not extracting any HIPAA related information yet. If we go live, we will work with vendors and get your permission again before extracting and anonymizing your health data. We compensate you for staked health data using a token. We want to build data analysis tools to help pharmaceutical companies create drugs, and these are our primary customers. We will never sell your data to insurance companies.

How will the token system work?

We are currently developing different type of rewards distribution system. The fundamental principle underlying our system is to generate revenue from the pharmaceutical industry, and share a portion of the revenue back to our tokenholders. Health X Change will retain some profit in order to expand operations and generate more returns for our tokenholders.

When will we get our tokens?

We are just launching our project and will have a better sense of timelines once our community grows large enough (roughly >100,000 on the waitlist). It is tough to estimate, but if we get enough traction, we may ICO as early as mid 2023. Tokens for users registered on our waitlist will be airdropped during ICO, and early users will be airdropped additional tokens.